Join the Gallery


1.      Member of NuNu Arts and Culture Collective in good standing

2.      Exhibiting Artist  Member (Chose one)

1)      Gold Artist Member:
        No hanging fee
        Free booth @ festivals and events
        Sales of your art: 75/25
        Featured Artist for the month
        Work in the gallery at least 3 times per six months (If we have at least 6
Gold Members)
        Work 1 festival event at least 2 to 3 days of the Event
        Portfolio on website (no less than 10 images)

2)      Silver Artist Member:
        $25.00 hanging fee per six months
        65/35 on sales of member’s work
        Free booth at 1 event/festivals
        Work 1 festival/ one time in 6 months
        5 images on website

3)      Bronze (non working artist):
        $50.00 hanging fee per six months
        60/40 on sales of artwork
        1 free booth at a festival/event

3.      Complete and sign Inventory Sheet each time new art is brought in or out of the Gallery

4.      Digital images of all Art.

This is a Co-Operative Gallery
It takes ALL members working together to make

Submit to be Juried in

1.   Submit a Bio (email or CD/DVD)
2.  Submit an Artist Statement (email or CD/DVD)
3.  At least (5) five pieces for review
4.  Once selected, images of art to be exhibited within Gallery (email or CD/DVD)
5.   List of Art info:

  • Title
  • Year Made
  • Media/Brief Description
  • Detailed Description
  • Dimensions
  • Retail Price
  • Average shipping Cost within the US

If you are interested in becoming part of the Collective, complete the following form and submit to the Project Director.

Join the Gallery