Shirley Gauthier

1423Shirley Gauthier of St. Martinville, La., is a realist painter, having been seriously working on her art for over 40 years. Her love of art began at the age of four, when her teacher encouraged her after seeing a landscape drawing she had done . Fast forward to Shirley being a mother of five. Her youngest was five years old, and she jumped back in to the art world by joining a portrait drawing class. The five year old, as punishment for disobedience, was made to be the model for her at home as she practiced. Thus continued the lifelong enthusiasm for art that hasn’t diminished yet, to the present.

Shirley brings dedication, enthusiasm and energy to her paintings of old buildings and landscapes of the south Louisiana area. She studies continually to develop a style that works for her. She always carries a camera and sketchbook, so that she might capture subjects she wants to paint. Throughout the years she has attended numerous workshops with nationally known artists – most recently in Taos, New Mexico. With her artist friends, she has traveled to paint, and view exhibits of well known artists all over the country. Her passion for painting oil, acrylic, and watercolor has earned her numerous awards and recognition. Her paintings hang in many private and public collections in the United States, as well as Japan and Europe.

She is currently exhibiting at the Duchamp Opera House in St. Martinville, Lafayette Art
Association, 1008 E. St. Mary Blvd., Lafayette, La., and Village Artworks at Acadian Village in Lafayette, La. Her Studio is in her home at 722 N. Theatre St., St.Martinville, LA.