Karita Drumm

Artist Biography

Karita Drumm is a twenty seven year old Louisiana artist currently based is Lafayette.  She has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Metalworking and Jewelry from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  She has exhibited artwork in Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum in the fall of 2012.  She has also exhibited artwork for the metalworking program in the spring of 2010, and in “Shared Impressions” A Traveling Exhibition of Student Artwork if the spring of 2012, in the Deans Gallery at UL, Fletcher Hall.  She has volunteered for the Louisiana Art Education Association, Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum, and for SPARK week, held by the Art Department each spring to encourage artistic exploration, three years in a row. During her schooling she was employed at the UL metals shop and woodshop as a shop technician and is currently doing freelance house restoration and landscaping around Lafayette to supplement her art career.
Logan Ritter is a twenty four year old Chemestry teacher for the Princeton Review who has a Bachelors of Biology with a minor in chemistry from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


Artist Statement:

Psyouthern Ether is a collaborative effort between Karita Drumm, an aspiring artist, and Logan Ritter, an aspiring doctor. Our artwork is based on the concept of orgonite, which is a theoretical way of producing negative ions, or positive etheric energy. Negative ions are generated from natural events such as waterfalls and lightning, which gives the air a light and crisp feeling because they attach to pollutants and drop them to the ground. We create these one of kind pieces by bonding together layers of organic and inorganic material that seem to defy gravity by elegantly floating within an epoxy medium.