Florine Robin

Florine learned to paint later in life. Born in Church Point, Louisiana in 1944, Florine grew up in Prairie de femme and Fuselier Road near Arnaudville.

Always wanting to create, her interests peaked later in life after raising children. After taking informal classes with art instructors including Warren Boon, Patricaia Venable and Patrick Soper, Florine grew as an artist. In 2005, she found her voice painting large scale fruits and vegetables catching the attention of a well known designer and collector.

She has gone from the lady down the road who learned to paint later in life to a selling Louisiana artist.  Florine now resides in Arnaudville, Louisiana.

“My interests are being with family and witnessing their growth… spiritually, mentally and physically. Inspiration comes from admiring the way a subject looks. Closely examining it. Savouring its beauty. Imagining how it would translate onto canvas. I am intrigued by lines and folds. I’m motivated by the way light hits the surface and reacts with color. This inspiration creates emotion that I feel way down deep.”