Carole Lancon

Carole Lancon, Parks, LA

Carole LanconArtist’s Bio
Carole Gauthier Lancon is an artist, long-time arts educator and art therapist who presently lives in Parks, Louisiana on the banks of Bayou Teche. Originally from St. Martinville, Carole grew up in a family where art and art making were an everyday part of life, so she’s always done artwork: painting denim jackets & animal t-shirts in her teens; silkscreening t-shirts & posters to earn money for college & earning a degree in Art Education from USL. She taught high school and junior high art classes in St. Martin and Iberia Parish public schools for 13 years, then left teaching in 1993 to open The Artisan, a fine arts & crafts gallery ,in St. Martinville where she taught classes, created custom stained glass panels and displayed local art on consignment. She was also a member of Acadian Art Gallery and Lafayette Art Association.

After moving to Lafayette in 1995, Carole chose to pursue advanced study in Art Therapy at Vermont College of Norwich University , and spent two glorious summers in Montpelier, Vermont in order to graduate with a Master of Arts in Art Therapy (MAAT) in 1999. As a registered art therapist (ATR), she has worked with hospitals in the acadian area, including Vermillion Hospital, Our Lady of Lourdes RMC and Abbeville General to provide art therapy services to children, adolescents and adults in inpatient & outpatient settings. Through grants with Acadiana Arts Council, Acadiana Youth, Faith House, and other nonprofits, Carole designed and presented workshops for both children and adults. She also held private art lessons in her Lafayette studio.

In 2012, Carole and her husband moved back to St. Martin Parish. Fortunate to be able to purchase an Acadian-styled home on what was once family property. Once known as Camp O BY U, the property also features a vintage 1960’s pink mobile home nestled under 200 year-old live oaks and served as the setting of many family BBQs back in the 1960s & 70s. The building has now become Ruby Slippers Studio, Carole’s home art studio.

Carole’s inspirations come from everywhere: her Acadian heritage, her surroundings, the sewing & quilting skills learned from her mother, grandmothers and aunts, and her love of reading and travel. Carole works in a variety of media: painting, drawing, fiber arts & mixed-media creations and has exhibited her work both locally & nationally.


Artist’s Statement:

Trained as an arts educator, my artwork was originally focused on perfecting technique and the finished PRODUCT. When I began my advanced studies in art therapy, I realized that my work was changing as I became more aware of the creation of art in terms of its PROCESS. I use my personal art as a way of processing events and feelings that may be uncomfortable. Art allows me to solve problems and situations visually.

My personal artwork is an exploration and appreciation of the sights, sounds, textures and colors surrounding me in southern Louisiana, this beautiful place I call home. In all of my artwork, I incorporate motifs from my heritage and my spiritual beliefs. My landscapes are based on my photographs taken at home and wile traveling. My art quilts are experimental blendings of traditional and contemporary quilting techniques which use basic and sacred geometry.

My Mandalas (circular paintings & drawings) are more abstract in nature because, while painting, I’m usually meditating on a problem or issue for which I have no concrete solution. The act of drawing the circle defines a space and the provides the distance and space I need in order to step away from the problem and allow a solution to present itself. I find it amazing how this simple, yet powerful process usually helps me make sense of my experiences.


Carole Lancon